About us

Message From C.E.O.

We sure it is ideal for ethnic beauty and fashion market which you supply. The quality, color assortment, package design would make it possible for you to compete on this market.

We have come a long way struggling at times, facing adversities, and meeting new challenges on the way but we have managed to overcome these obstacles together.

We need to look ahead and adapt quickly to the new changes in the retail market to be competitive.

We promise to provide best possible customer service for our patrons and offer competitive pricing to meet your demand.

We will continue to expand our product line to satisfy our customer's needs.

Sincerely Yours.

CEO Kihyouk Moon


Company Profile

We are an Atlanta- based importer specializing in ethnic headgear, and sure that our experiences and our company foundation on quality will provide better service and merchandises.

The KING. J HEADGEAR which has been developed and put on the market recently is designed for men who love the sportive touch,
athletes, and active outdoor performers. It has fine material and various color.

We are sure you will find our products to be very attractive once you see the enclosed price list and a catalog.
It would be great pleasure if you represent our products in your local market.
If you require further information on our products, please feel free to contact us for our immediate attention.